Mixed martial arts is really feeling the pain of the pandemic and subsequent restrictions.

We are hearing so many stories of fighters struggling for competition which directly affects their income. Similarly MMA gyms/ academies/ schools are closing. The knock-on effect to MMA will be that we lose talent as individuals are forced to go work elsewhere or are forced to leave the sport so that they can financially support themselves and their families.

Equally as important are those that participate in martial arts for their own physical and mental wellbeing. If the place that helps fulfil their health goals goes away, then that will have a negative impact on those students.

The best way to help the greatest number of martial arts students is to keep the gyms open and their coaches working - 'keeping the lights on'.

Through a process of financial donations and profits derived from auctioned items we hope to generate a decent sum of money to donate to a nominated MMA gym that will hopefully go some way in helping that business function.

*UPDATE - We are delighted to announce that TRX will be providing over £6,000 worth of equipment to the fundraiser and that will be split into 5 bundles.  There gyms with the 5 most votes will receive:

Club 4 Straps with xmounts


Med balls

Mini band bundles

Battle ropes 

We're very grateful to TRX for getting involved and extending our fundraiser from a cash injection to a cash injection plus high end equipment.

John Gooden will be posting regular updates on the campaign so follow him on the socials above.